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Email Hosting

Perfect for creating multiple email accounts, business collaboration, or office 365 - separate from a website.

For mobile, pc, mac or browser

When it comes to critical communication by email, it is always a good idea to separate this out from your website. Some clients do not want or need a website (perhaps using facebook or instagram instead), but still require GDPR compliant email in their own brand name.

Pricing Per User or Per Space

It's your choice, we can offer pricing per mailbox (user), or an allocation of email space that you can create unlimited email accounts with. Need to add file sharing? No problem. All GDPR compliant.

Contact us to inquire, while we update our website with the products and services on offer.

Mobile Friendly

Check your email on the go, Android or Apple. Or have email pushed to your mobile in real time!

Device or Browser

Got a favourite application you like to use for email on your pc or mac? Go for it! Or simply use a browser from any ipad or internet connected device.

GDPR Compliant

Email hosted in the UK, Eu or GDPR accepted countries. Know your data and that of your clients, are secure and under governance.

Synch Contacts

Add and share contacts, access and update calendars. Even share calendars within your domain, from multiple devices.

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